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// Pierre-Gaëtan Besnard

AIDA, Accueil et Intégration des Demandeurs d’Asile (Reception and Integration for Asylum Seekers), offers asylum seekers a more personalised follow-up to improve their living conditions before they get refugee status. Based in an associative building, AIDA adopts household codes and brings together services such as administrative assistance, schooling for children, psychological support and information and mutual aid workshops. The place aims to give back some hope to the migrants and allow them to live together as a family to preserve the family “base”.

“Pierre-Gaëtan Besnard shows a lot of sensitivity in his work and the capacity to explore difficulties encountered by his contemporaries.
His study led him to meet with associations working for the integration of migrant populations to gain a better understanding of the users and associations. He managed to establish the expectations of those helping, and summarised his research in a design brief for a centre that would cover the needs of the many associations involved. His large network of contacts also helped him identify a suitable place in Nantes where he can base his project. He demonstrates the ability to welcome migrants with compassion and offer them services to help them every step of the way. He even thought of social areas and services for the whole family. His work on spatial organization will bring a dose of serenity in times of tension.”

Jean-Yves Chevalier, Course leader - Design and Innovation Management apprenticeship program


Pierre-Gaëtan Besnard

Pierre-Gaëtan joined the school after two years of international maritime law to learn about spatial design. He wanted to do a vocational training course so he chose the Master’s program in Design and Innovation Management in apprenticeship and carried out his apprenticeship at A.I.A. Architectes Ingénieurs Associés. Today, he is continuing his mission at A.I.A. in Shanghai in China at the Design & Interior Architecture studio. To help him move forward, Pierre-Gaëtan likes to use Ikigaï’s method which consists of asking oneself the same questions each day: What am I paid for? Why am I talented? What do I really like? What does the world need?

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