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Ahoy !

#design produit #exhibition #graphic design

// Ophélie Brunet

Ahoy ! packaging

Based on the food truck principle, the food boat Ahoy ! sails around from city to city via the river network to promote a fish long forgotten by the French public: the herring. The Ahoy ! universe gets its inspiration from Scandinavia to make herring popular again: product ranges (packaging and containers), recipes and participatory products have been developed with partners for the protection of the oceans and to combat overfishing.

Eco-innovation is a major theme of the Design Lab: protein transition, consumption of insects or invasive species. As designers, we are confronted with questions raised by our relations with these new eating habits. Ophélie’s project falls into this context. She decided to work on the herring, a fish which is not affected by overfishing and with excellent nutritional qualities. Although from an environmental and health point of view it is easy to decree that we should eat herring, in terms of the representations and eating habits of the French, it is not quite so simple. […]

Ophélie therefore sought to bring users closer to the product by using an appealing and humorous universe with strong Nordic influences. She proposes a concept including an original eating place (a “foodboat”), as well as recipes and services. Through this comprehensive offer, Ophélie shows off her capacity as a designer to comprehend not only the product, but also its background and space, and displays undeniable graphic talent. In her approach, Ophélie did some important groundwork questioning users and people in the fishing industry.

Benoît Millet, New Eating Habits Design Lab Director


After completing a bachelor’s degree in Product design, Ophélie took the New Eating Habits MDes program, a course which allowed her to combine product design and graphic design. She gets a lot of her inspiration from the work of Matisse and the colors used by him for her projects.

Ophélie is currently working in Biarritz as a graphic artist at Xendera, a start-up specializing in sports applications, which hired her after her final internship. Eventually she would like to set up her own design studio, mixing several disciplines all in one place (screen printing, graphic design, product design, etc.).

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