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// Aurélie Pascal

Aeromersion democratizes pilot training by putting the apprentice pilot at the center of the mechanism rather than the machine. The project makes use of all the connectivity solutions in an electric airplane so that all the different flight phases can be experienced during a simulation. The system is installed in the cockpit of the trainer aircraft and consists of a virtual reality mask, monitoring applications for the instructor and software for the student.

“With Aeromersion, Aurélie is anticipating a need which doesn’t yet exist: learning to pilot electric airplanes. Between theoretical and practical training needs, Aeromersion uses the airplane itself to understand the difficulties of flying and to teach the automatic reflexes needed to master any situation, by putting the learner at the center of the system instead of the machine.Aurélie carried out a very in-depth study of new situations likely to arise in aircraft that will be going into production in 2018. Overcoming the technical constraints of traditional aviation, the project gives the student pilot the pleasure of experiencing sensations and emotions through a system of immersion tools and an interaction and support service. The training takes place in the cockpit, accompanied by an instructor, but under simulated conditions. She makes use of all the connectivity solutions in an electric airplane so that all the different flight phases can be experienced. Innovative in more ways than one, Aeromersion anticipates developments in recreational aviation which will be obliged in the short term to become electrified. It puts the user at the heart of the training process and strengthens the learner/trainer relationship. Aurélie’s network of contacts in the world of aviation, with manufacturers, research centers, pilots and flying instructors made it all possible.
The project has been backed by a consultancy firm specializing in innovation and several top-tier universities in science and aviation fields are interested in following up this study.”

Jean-Yves Chevalier, Course Leader - Design and Innovation Management apprenticeship program


Aurélie Pascal


After 4 years working as an in-house industrial designer, Aurélie resumed her studies to do an apprenticeship-based Master’s in Design and Innovation Management. In the two years she spent working for the Seb group, she was able to apply innovation methods to create new scenarios, services and products and to raise company awareness about human- and use-centered design approach. Her mission as a design professional is to raise awareness, bring together and guide the various professions in the industry to create ground-breaking use-led innovation.


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