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Adjustable desks

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// Yoan Bandini, Sophie Charier, Léticia Mogoa Trébuchon, Hugo Rahn, Bettina Rambaud,

Adjustable height desks to modulate activities

To raise from sitting to standing position, in respect of physical condition. Desks also respond to the evolution of working methods : alone in sitting position as well as in a collaborative mode using the space under the desk when it stands in high position. Adjustable desks allow to modulate the working space and the way of working all day long.

The proposal stands on the research of a working space, adapted to our professional practices, structured by a relation between working spaces « on its onwn » and « collaborative » and relaxation spaces.
The project is part of the Reconnecte proposal developped for Biennale Internationale de design de Saint-Etienne 2017.

Scale model realized thanks to Linak et de Leroy Merlin.

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