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A title design workshop with Dan Perri

#motion design #digital culture #international

// 2nd year BDes Motion Design students

Dan Perri played the part of a film Director to create a real work environment

The students had to choose a film in a list of Z movies

The students used different methods to create the title

Watch the workshop video

Attack of the killer tomatoes by Noemie Saintilan and Mickael Mayou

Terreur Cannibale by Marceau Besson-Lemonnier and Bérénice Pilard

Samourai Cop by Louise Plantive and Victor Tapin

Dan Perri, a great figure of motion design, worked with our BDes Motion Design students from May 20th to 24th on an exclusive workshop during his visit to Nantes for the 2019 Motion Motion Festival.

Workshop objectives
By the end of the workshop, students had to produce the opening title sequence of a feature film (between 1 and 2 minutes). In pairs, they were asked to choose one feature film from the following Z movies:

Beyond the narrative quality of the proposition developed by students, the emphasis was to be on the ability to translate the chosen film typographically. The final opening sequence had not to use any of the original footages for legal or creative reasons. It was also strongly advised not to watch the film.

Submission and presentation
By the end of the workshop, on top of the animated sequence, students were asked to submit their researches during a five minutes presentation with:

Pedagogical objectives


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