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// Marc Teyssier

Discover the video of the project "A(r)LIVE

A(r)LIVE offers a new mode of interaction with our environment via a unique application using augmented reality. The user can modify the functions of an object and allocate a behavior to it, by linking actions to triggers – real or virtual ones – connected to services or social networks. The object can thus change its shape, position or even its key functions.

“The development and the omnipresence of connected objects is becoming part of the fabric of our daily lives. Immersive technologies are obviously a solution to our search for a unified communication interface.
Marc, a student on the double degree course at L’École de design and Arts et Métiers ParisTech in Laval (Mayenne) wanted to extend his first installation named Stuart, presented in Tokyo at the International Virtual Reality Contest 2014. Stuart was a connected dynamic object which was controlled virtually. This is what we call “Mixed Reality”. After observing the behavior of people using Stuart, Marc was convinced of the necessity of simplifying these interactions and making them transparent and invisible.
A(r)LIVE is an experimental research project on modes of interaction (Human Machine Interfaces – HMI) in the age of ubiquitous computing. The connected lamp so dear to Pixar generates a certain emotion, and a real intuitiveness that leads to increasingly natural modes of interaction (Natural User Interface - NUI). Marc is continuing his research during his final internship at the Fluid Interfaces Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.”

Grégoire Cliquet, Director - READi Design Lab
Arnaud Le Roi, Course Leader – Digital culture
Laurent Neyssensas, Assistant Director - READi Design Lab


Marc Teyssier


After completing a bachelor’s degree in interaction design, Marc went on to do a master’s in Virtual Reality & Design in partnership with Arts et Métiers ParisTech in Laval (double degree). Through interaction design and virtual reality he discovered a way of making his dreams become reality. Halfway between digital design and research, his work on ubiquitous computing aims to improve the day-to-day experiences that we share with machines. He carried out his final internship at the Media Lab at Massachussets Institute of Technology (United States).

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