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30’ Break

#awards #contest #mutations of the built environment

// Clémence Mahé, Clémentine Morvan et Marine Maugeais

30' Break

Maquette 30' Break

Maquette 30' Break - vue intérieure

30’ Break is a purpose-built rest cabin in which staff can have a quick nap. These wooden cubes are 2.38m wide and 2.30m high. The entire wooden structure, including the floor, is made from American red oak set on a concrete base. Glass sheets sandwiched between two layers of wood strips create a subdued atmosphere inside, and users can lie down on a reclining wooden seat. To enter the cube the user pivots one of the sides of the cube that revolves along a rail. Once they have registered online, users can book a session on a touch screen located next to the cabin.

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