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Audiovisual seminar

#graphic design #interaction design #interior architecture

// 2nd year BDes students in Transport Design, Product Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design and Space Design


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In October 2017, second year undergraduate students in Interaction Design, Product Design, Transport DesignGraphic Design and Spatial Design all took part in a cross-cutting seminar to learn the basics of writing, directing and editing an audiovisual presentation.

The aim of this seminar was to initiate all the students in the basic rules for producing an audiovisual document using still images (photos) or moving images (video). Under the guidance of professionals from the various fields covered: scenario, scenographic cutting, photography, sound and video editing (Nelly Richardeau, Christophe Hoyet, Noémie Thepot, Raphael Bigaud, Laurent Joffrion and Julien Paugam), the seminar was based on group work.

Students were asked to produce a video magazine on the theme of design based on one of the six specialties taught at the school: Product, Interaction, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Scenographic Environments and Transport.
The magazine will be a compilation of audiovisual productions lasting between 1’30 and 2’30, including at least one interview related to the subject.

Summary of the seminar’s teaching objectives:

• Introduction to audiovisual techniques (writing, shooting, sound, editing).
• Discovering and using school facilities (sound lab/video lab/shooting studio).
• Acquiring basic storytelling and technical skills for audiovisual production to be used in the context of 2nd semester projects.
• Group work/organization/division of labor
• Respecting technical and time constraints.

Album of videos produced during the workshop:

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