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“1001 Saveurs”

#degrees/diplomas #new eating habits #product design

// Morgane Bily

1001 saveurs

1001 saveurs : the set of dishes

1001 saveurs

1001 saveurs

“How can tableware and the art of dining be adjusted to changing trends in the way guests are received, what they eat and how they eat it? The main goal is to innovate and help the French tableware industry cope with the current Asian invasion.” Tableware primarily serves to evoke flavors, cultural references and modes of eating. By interviewing sociologists, philosophers, marketing experts and anthropologists, and studying “festive” eating habits, including more “exotic” multicultural habits, in a context of globalization, Morgane has truly understood what a meal is really is about. The “meal time” ritual is a general, physical, psychological and social moment of well-being requiring a well-defined, staged setting. She also perfectly understood the essential need for congeniality, in a contradictory social context of both individualism and the break down of the notion of habitat.

She decided to focus on the 25 to 34 generation and move on from “dishes like beef stew to nibbles”, in other words from a carefully set table to the less rigid and ritualized context of “snacking” in the living-room. Her work has resulted in a smart, elegant and modern concept, “1001 saveurs”, The project is offering easily understood codes and is making possible to arrange each table according to each occasion, bringing together ceramics and bamboo, two traditional yet easily processed materials.