Our international programs

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies taught in English to international students, who have completed 1, 2 or 3 years of studies in design.

International students who have completed 1 year of undegraduate studies in Product design can join our International DN MADE / Industrial Product Design.

Students who have completed 2 years of undergraduate studies may join our International Class to validate a bachelor level.

For international students holding a Bachelor’s Degree in design, the school offers 5 International MDes programs in Nantes taught in English, and 3 Transcultural Design MDes programs taught in our studios in Brazil, China & India.

All our MDes programs lead to the master’s level degree (Diplôme de design) certified by the Ministry of Higher Education.

DN MADE Industrial Product Design

This program taught in English, organized in two years, offers a specialization in the fields of industrial design and is open to students who have cmpleted a minimum of one year in Product Design.


International Class / BDes Brand Design

Within this program, the designer aims to bring out the codes and the brand values throughout the production process by researching the formal or graphic vocabulary, materials and mediums which best represent the brand. The designer also has to take into account user-experience in terms of brand, competition and technology involved.

For students who validated 2 years if studies in graphic design and scenography


International Class / BDes Digital Media Design

The Digital Media Design program, through a conception centered on users, offers services in digital interactive media (web, interactive terminals, video, animation, infography).

For students who validated 2 years of studies in Digital graphic design and Interaction Design


International Class / BDes Industrial Products

This approach is centered on the industrial dimension of design. From the industrial expertise, the design of products made to serve the users, their environment and their expectations.

For students who validated 2 years of studies in industrial and product design


International Class / BDes Retail & Interior Design

This program focuses on all perennial spaces (commercial architecture, interior architecture, public space etc.) and temporary spaces (scenography, events etc.) using a user-centered approach.

For students who validated 2 years of studies in space design, interior design or scenography


MDes Transcultural Design / Le Studio France

Specially tailored for students from all over the world who wish to join our school at postgraduate level, this program encourages the exploration of the french culture within an applied, interdisciplinary context, and offer 5 topics, attached to our Design Labs:

Food Design & Brand
Social Design
Environmental Design
Information Design
UX Design


MDes Transcultural Design / Brazil Studio

This MDes program, leading to the master’s level degree (Diplôme de design) certified by the Ministry of higher education, deals with topics related to immersion environment (mobility, health, distribution, education, food, access to energy, waste management, environmental issues) and its specific characteristics (high population density, multiculturalism, natural resources and local crafts, democratic construction ...).


MDes Transcultural Design / China Studio

The Transcultural Design program in Asia offers a tremendous opportunity for design students from all over the world to discover and comprehend Chinese culture.

Program taught in English


MDes Transcultural Design / India Studio

 This program provides a unique opportunity for its students to specialize in Social Innovation and Design Thinking in the context of Delhi, a city as innovative as representative of development challenges.

Program taught in English