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Prizes & Awards


SIlver Awards

On November 21st - teamed up with students from the Beauvais institut polytechnique UniLaSalle - Elisa Romieu and Caroline Bertin, both students at the Care Design Lab, won 1st prize at the Silver Awards with their project "Mamie Mytho Papy Pipo". This physical and digital bluff game based on real or invented anecdotes allows people to get together and have fun reminiscing about memories as a family.

Silver Awards

On November 21 - teamed up with students from the institut supérieur de rééducation psychomotrice (ISRP) in Paris, UniLaSalle - Margot Albert-Heuzey, a student at the Care Design Lab, won 2nd prize at the Silver Awards with their project "Meet Eat", a meal delivery and sharing service for the elderly that aims to combat isolation during mealtime and identify support needs, supported by a questionnaire analyzing the senior’s state of health.

Silver Awards

On November 21st - teamed up with UniLaSalle students - Sixtine Broutin and Paul Lemaire, students at the Care Design Lab, won 3rd prize at the Silver Awards with their project "Vivons Voyage!", a platform for sharing and exchanging on travel-related activities.

Hackathon 48h Tourisme d’affaire et restauration

In June 2020, Jules Riché, Charles Répic, Benjamin Garnier, Louise Bragard, Maurine Guingamp and Marguerite Guéret, students at the City Design Lab won the "Hackathon 48h Tourisme d’affaire et restauration", organized by Ouest Industries Créatives and Nantes St Nazaire Développement with the project "Klaire".


Maisons du Monde de la création durable Trophies

Louna LAPLACE-CLAVERIE, student in Design and Innovation Management MDes program, won the FSC prize at the Maisons du Monde de la création durable trophies with her project "SIMUL".


Creative Conscience

Elsa Sadiez, India Studio student and Amaury Roux, China Studio student, have won the bronze medal at the Creative Conscience competition with their project "First Step" in September 2020.


Creative conscience

Virginie Souffoy, a student in MDes Design and Innovation Management and Ophélie Moreau, a Brazil Studio graduate, have won the "highly recommended" award at the Creative conscience 2020 competition with their project "Forwards".


Innovation Campus Day

Aurane Wallaert, student in MDes Immersive UX at the Digital Design Lab, and her team - John Cowan (IAE), Noelle Alkhawaja (IAE), Tom Joussaume (IAE), Emma Charrier (FLCE), Sébastien Niel (IUT Nantes), Lucille Gueguen (Polytech Nantes) - hav won the Innovation Campus Day challenge, launched by Nantes Métropole, with their "Paradis Flottant" project on November 12th and 13th 2020.


Ecotrophelia 2020

The engineering and design students of Oniris and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique have won the gold medal at the 1st Ecotrophelia prize with their project "Les Crocs’ Magnons". Clarice Noloy, Marion Rebert, Solène Paper, Julien Magdelenat, Quentin Carderot and Octavio Castello will represent France at the Ecotrophelia Europe competition.


Clara Chanteloup, Zoé Oberle, Pauline Oger, all three students in MDes Health and Social Innovation at the Care Design Lab won a prize at the EXPÉ[NANTES] competition with their project "Celul" in February 2020.