Prizes & Awards


22nd International Bicycle Design Competition

Jérôme Boissière, Mutations of the Built Environment MDes student at the Sustainable cities Design lab, was selected for the 22nd International Bicycle Design Competition final. This international competition is organized by Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center of Taiwan. Jérôme created "Varsko", a self-sufficient luminous bollards device for cyclists safety. He will submit his project during the final on October 31st at Tapei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall in Taiwan. He will compete in the "Intelligent Innovative Design with Cycling" category.



Ecotrophelia 2018

Two teams composed of students from L’École de design and Oniris have won prizes at the 2018 Ecotrophelia contest!

The "Morphée" team won the Ecotrophelia France prize with a project fighting against food waste, supported by the Agriculture and Food Ministry and the "Le Gonflé" team won the Ecotrophelia Alumni prize. Congratulations to our New Eating Habits Design lab students and alumni: Océane Devaud, Benkaly Kaba, Elise Huneau et Astrid Vincent.

Verallia Design Awards 2018

Clara Chanteloup and Maxence de Cock, both BDes Product Design students at L’École de design, have won the "wine" category at the Verallia Design Awards on June 29th 2018. For their first work on this material, they’ve imagined a glass bottle with elegant lines on the internal surface. "there is an industrial aspect due to the hexagonal lines but a very organic shape. Only glass allows a result both manufactured and alive", declare Clara Chanteloup.

"Handling the future" contest, organised by Manitou

Cécile Tijou and Caroline Boudet, both MDes Students at READi Design Lab (Tangible Interfaces and Virtual Reality) have won the 3rd prize of the "Handling the Future" contest, organised by Manitou in May 2018. the theme was: "imagine tomorrow’s handling". The students worked on a virtual reality training project for the employees.

6th edition of the Algeco contest : "invent the new health and well-being stops at the heart of cities"

Réjane Le Gall, Clara Launay and Eva Poussier, MDes Urban Design students at L’École de design’s Sustainable Cities Design Lab have participated to the 6th edition of the Algeco contest, whose theme was "invent the new health and well-being stops at the heart of cities". Their project will be part of the book "Architecture(s) Elémentaire(s)"- 6th edition.

Health and autonomy hackathon - Hopale Fondation

Louise Roussiere and Isaac Galtier, MDes student at L’École de design’s Care Design Lab have won the Health and autonomy hackathon, organized by the Hopale Fondation in March 2018. Three other people working at the Calot Institute pediatric department in Berck were also part of their team: Nathalie Leroy, Amélie Gressier and Mélissa Roussel.

Find out more: http://www.fondation-hopale.org/Actualites/Carton-plein-pour-le-1er-Hackathon-de-la-Fondation-Hopale (in French)


Charlotte Dunet, Interaction Design BDes student, has won the "PROJET DE DEMAIN" prize as well as the "PUBLIC" prize at the Ciamlabs#3 contest in March 2018.

find out more about her project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/63884461/CIAMLAB3-Circus-App-

CETAMADA - Ocean Design Challenge

Séverine Guennoc-Geneste, Camille Hu, Margot Laucournet et Alicia Soares Pinto Martins, China Studio students, have won the CETAMADA - Ocean Design Challenge in February 2018.

Find out more about their project "Ocean Base": https://www.behance.net/gallery/60843893/Cetamadas-Ocean-Base

2018 Banque Postale Hackathon

Léa Dubois, BDes Interaction Design student has won the 1st prize at the Banque Postale Hackathon in January 2018, 52 intense hours on an artificial intelligence project for digital. The team : Mourad Kejji, Luc Marois, Manuel Virzi, Marketer, Isabelle Fauchon, Fouzia Bouleno.

En savoir plus : https://www.lecolededesign.com/actualites/hackathon-banque-postale-2018-2887

ÔJI Sport Santé Challenge

Yihan Yan, 2nd year of MDes Urban Design student at the Sustainable Cities Design Lab, has won the ÔJI Sport Santé Challenge in January 2018. With her team "the unicorn group", she imagined a cross-words inspired bus station that makes the wait fun.

Find out more: https://www.agorize.com/fr/challenges/sport-sante