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Our Values

Our Values

“Industrial design is a strategic problem-solving process applicable to products, systems, services and experiences, which results in innovation, business success and a better quality of life.” (Definition of the World Design Organisation, 2015)

Our vision of design is based on 4 values:

Design as a career-oriented creative activity

Design is a creative activity to be practiced within a professional and well-structured framework. The qualities acquired all throughout training courses must meet the requirements and expectations of likely employers: well-behaviour, organizational skills, resourcefulness and practical skills. Those qualities must serve the talent and the creativity of young professionals.

Design as a value-added factor

Design becomes a strategic factor for economic success in companies, as it transforms market opportunities into wealth production.

Design as a process triggering innovation

Design stands at the cross-road between several fields of knowledge and implies creative skills to produce innovative solutions in tune with contemporary needs. It offers prospective scenarios related to the reality of usage and to economic, social and environmental issues.

Design as a factor of progress

Design is a conception activity serving mankind. Therefore, it must develop ethically responsible and environmentally friendly innovation.

This vision feeds on the ambition of our programs:

  • offering a well-grounded professional culture, based on a pragmatic approach to design professions and fruitful collaborations with the business world;
  • bringing forth design as a managerial discipline central to business strategies;
  • fostering design as a creative process able to bring together various fields of knowledge;
  • promoting through design an approach and an expertise on social and economic issues.

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