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Vocational Training Center dedicated to Design and Innovation (CFA)

Stéphane Gouret - Deputy Director

A professional approach to design education through apprenticeship

Vocational Training Center for Creation and Innovation (CFA) of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has 4 main goals:

  • helping students become apprentices in creation-and-innovation-related professions,
  • promoting apprenticeship to young people,
  • enabling young designers-to-be to pursue their studies,
  • accompanying students as they step into the business world.

Within its area of expertise, the Vocational Training Center aims to train designers with sufficient professional skills to find their own voice in the job market in no time.

To do so, the Vocational Training Center has implemented:

  • a platform for helping vocational students find an apprenticeship (60% of the vocational students thanks to the CFA, of the contracts are drawn up), jointly run by our institution and related partners (Maison de l’emploi, Missions locales, PAIO, CIO, ONISEP);
  • an individual follow-up complemented with one-to-one tutoring sessions, a mark-book and an e-learning platform;
  • the admission of disabled students, so far as their disability is compatible with the practical requirements of the professions they will be trained for. The AGEFIPH, a French private organisation working for the employment of disabled people, offers real resources to companies and schools eager to combine disability with apprenticeship;
  • Stays abroad for vocational students (workshops in partner schools, visits to professional or business events or cultural stays depending on the year of study).

Relying on a network of companies, local authorities and prescribers woven by the school, the Vocational Training Center has organized a number of valued exchanges (symposiums, training sessions, exhibitions, company visits, vocational student exchanges...). Its connections with the business and educational world are ceaselessly increasing. Training courses in apprenticeship are implemented by joint educational teams, through partnerships with several local higher education institutions and vocational training centers (L’École Supérieure du Bois, the technical high school Arago, the University Institute of Technology of Nantes, the University Institute of Technology of La Roche-sur-Yon, the vocational training centre (CFA) of La Joliverie).

Stéphane Gouret
Deputy Director

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