Standard Education in Design

Seance de rendu pour les étudiants en Diplôme de design bac+5

The main curriculum of the school is a full 5-year curriculum leading to a unique degree in design. It is divided into two different parts, a 3-year undergraduate program and a 2-year postgraduate program.

Le Diplôme de design bac+5, a postgraduate degree in design

The post-graduate degree in design issued by L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has been certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education since 2002. Thus academically recognized, the degree we deliver ranks as high as a French degree in Engineering, a MBA or an academic Master’s Degree.

The standard five-year curriculum is divided into 2 courses:

  • BDes courses, opened to holders of the French baccalaureate, consisting in a core syllabus and skill-based majors (Scenography, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Interaction Design, Game Design, Transportation Design and Product Design).
  •  MDes courses, opened to students who completed their undergraduate studies at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique or hold a Bachelor’s Degree in design, divided into topic-oriented programs rooted in major contemporary social and economic issues. See the section MDes by L’École de design for further details on programs and admission prerequisites.

MDes by L’École de design

The MDes programs are based on a thematic approach mixing up different profiles of designer. Four areas of study are currently explored in Nantes, with dedicated programs in English for international students. All programs are hosted by dedicated experimental platforms, the Design Labs.

Students joining our international studios, China Studio in Shanghai, India Studio in Pune , Brazil Studio in São Paulo, work on the notion of Transcultural Design.

A dedicated MDes program Design & Innovation Management in Apprenticeship is also accessible for French & European students. The program is based on a work/study organisation.

Double degrees, joint curricula and ECTS credits transfer

Thanks to partnership agreements with other institutions, the school offers the opportunity to obtain double degrees: students can simultaneously prepare for our Master’s Degree in design and a Master’s Degree in Business Management with the Business Administration Institute of the University of Nantes (IAE), a Master’s Degree in Virtual Reality engineering and innovation with Arts et Métiers ParisTech, the DU DESSiiN, a diploma co-organised by the University of Nantes, IMT Atlantique and L’École de design, or the DIU Disrupt’Campus Nantes, a joint diploma of the University of Nantes, Centrale Nantes and L’École de design.

The post-graduate curriculum includes a wide variety of subjects (general knowledge, technical culture, expression modes and economics) and a final degree project that students start very early on. Our curriculums comply with the ECTS system (European Credits Transfer System) which guarantees full academic recognition for abroad studies.

All double degrees are organised in French by partner organisations.