Business Services

Workshop entre les étudiants des Design Labs et les professionnels

Business Strategy: a department of L’École de design dedicated to the interaction with the business and industry

Promoting design is at the core of our activities. As a factor of development for a company, design offers relevant solutions in terms of innovation and differentiation. Our teaching methods are mainly project-grounded and based on collaborations and knowledge-sharing between companies and the school.

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Design promotion at the heart of L’École de design

For more than 20 years, we have been offering numerous services to companies of any size (large groups, small and medium-sized companies and very small companies) in order to acquire better skills in this discipline and be more competitive.

The Business Strategy department is specifically dedicated to promoting business partnerships:

It offers a variety of collaborations with the school:

French companies also support our activities by paying the apprenticeship tax to the school.