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Antoine Mazenot, gold medal winner in the web design category of the 43rd WorldSkills National Competition

Antoine Mazenot, gold medal winner in the web design category of the 43rd WorldSkills National Competition
Antoine Mazenot, gold medal at WorldSkills national level in the web design category

Interview with Antoine Mazenot, winner in the web design category at WorldSkills 2015 national level

For the 4th year running, a student from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has won gold medal at WorldSkills national level in the web design category. He follows in the footsteps of:

• 40th WorldSkills Competition: Clément Faydi, currently senior designer at Adobe, New York, US;
• 41st WorldSkills Competition: Nadim Raad, currently designer at Google, Mountain View, US;
• 42nd WorldSkills Competition: Marc Teyssier, currently in his 2nd year of the UX Design/Virtual Reality & Design Master’s program at the school.

Antoine Mazenot claimed gold medal on 29th January in the web design category. He will therefore be part of the Pays de la Loire delegation which will be representing France in the international finals in Sao Paulo, Brazil from 10th to 16th August 2015.

Here’s what Antoine has to say about this exceptional experience.

What does it feel like to win gold medal in web design at the WorldSkills Competition?

A huge relief! It’s hard to believe at the moment. It has taken nearly a year of preparation to get this far – ever since I qualified in the regional championships I’ve given it my all. I was aiming for the gold medal but every competition holds its surprises and now I can afford to relax a bit.

How did the school help you to achieve this?

The training provided by the school for web design is very similar to the expectations of the national competition, both in terms of methodology and technique. In that respect, preparing for the WorldSkills Competition whilst being a student at L’École de design was a real advantage. I was also put in contact with some of my predecessors (Marc Teyssier and Nadim Raad) who shared their experiences and views of the competition.

What specific training did you have?

I didn’t have any specific technical training to prepare for the nationals. I had to organize my timetable to top up my skills by myself. Preparing for the WorldSkills Competition is a real personal commitment! However, the Pays de la Loire region prepared us physically and psychologically for the challenge by organizing three training weekends with outstanding coaches.
I was also helped in my preparations by the agency Opixido Nantes who came up with an internship plan which matched my objectives. My thanks go to Muriel Daviatte and Aymeric Simon from the agency for their help.

What type of subject did you work on for the national WorldSkills Competition? What kind of difficulties did you encounter?

I had to build a website in two and a half days (19.5 hours). The first day was spent finding out about the subject, creating a logo, a graphic charter and two static models of the site. The second day was dedicated to site integration and the third day to developing certain dynamic features.
Although the regional selections were organized in an environment very similar to that of the national finals, the noise, pressure, fatigue and spectators were aspects of the competition which were quite difficult to manage. You can’t afford to waste any time and there are a lot of distractions.

How do you intend to prepare for Sao Paulo Worldskills which takes place next August?

I am currently still in competition with the silver medal winner until 14th March to see which of us will represent France in Sao Paulo this summer. We’ve got several assessments between now and then so that the experts can select the best candidate. I’m more motivated than ever and intend to give 110% in this first phase and then afterwards, if I’m selected, right up to the international competition.

How would you sum up your WorldSkills experience?

In my opinion, WorldSkills is the best careers fair in France for young people and is an excellent opportunity for candidates to promote their know-how and develop their skills. It is also an unforgettable human experience! I met some incredible people. I should also point out that the Pays de la Loire Region is really involved and invests a great deal in the competition. I recommend any student who is considering it to embark on this adventure without a moment’s hesitation!