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Smart Wear @ World Electronics Forum

Smart Wear @ World Electronics Forum

A methodology seminar for the International Class focused on Smart Wear

The first Methodology Seminar of the International Class 2017 (Intensive cross-disciplinary Project for 3rd Year Brand design, Industrial products, Digital Media and retail & Interior design students) took place from October 2 to 8 in partnership with Eram. It was supervised in 2 groups by Olivier Pigasse and Emmanuel Alouche (for the Industrial Products + Retail design options), Sue Alouche and Rob Spiro (for the Brand design and Digital media options).
6 projects were shortlisted and presented in Angers at the World Electronics Forum 2017 on October 26th.

This international event took place as part of a week dedicated to IoT (Internet of Things). In addition to technical conferences, company visits and exhibitions, the program included learning expeditions’ organised around several themes including one on Smart Wear (clothes, footwear and accessories communicating and incorporating new technologies).

The students worked on a product with additional or integrated services easy to use, understandable, offering an experience, whilst being mindful of the consumer’s needs and lifestyles in the future.
For this, they had to imagine future uses for wearables (fashion or industrial clothing, shoes and accessories (not watches, classes prosthetics, contact lenses or health bands) in the following markets: fashion, health and the aging population, civil and military protection, sport, personal services, industry specific use.


6 projects at the World Electronics Forum in Angers