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Workshop: La Vie En Particules

Workshop: La Vie En Particules

As part of the festival Assis! Debout! Couché! (Seated! Standing! Lying down!), organized by Le Lieu Unique (contemporary arts center in Nantes), Matali Crasset ran a workshop at L’École de design on 17 and 18 February 2014.

Matali Crasset invited for the Assis! Debout! Couché! Festival

For the 2nd session of its festival Assis! Debout! Couché! (21-23 March), Le Lieu Unique invited designer Matali Crasset to design the scenographic installations for the 3 evenings of concerts. The installations were designed to complement the dominant musical culture of each evening, so that the audience could experience the various concerts in optimal conditions. With a “seated!” evening, “standing!” evening and “lying down!” evening, Matali Crasset’s creations never cease to evolve, adapt and surprise…

The designer’s idea is not to work on existing typologies of chairs, lounging areas and standing areas, but to work on a module which lets you move from one position to the next. The unique module, called "Particules de vie" consists of an element on which to lie down, another on which to sit and a different configuration for standing which is part of an overall ambience. The unique feature of this system is that it is both part of the furniture and the decoration – it serves to occupy the space, create a story and bring additional light. "You have to imagine that the space is full of pixels, and that these pixels are comfort pixels that we can put on the floor to lie down on for example, or that we can place on another surface, at a particular height, to sit on. And at the same time, they float all around us ensuring a perfect unity of place. It’s an element perceived as a material which surrounds and envelops the spectator..." explains Matali Crasset.

… and a workshop with the Sustainable Cities students

To carry out this creation, Matali Crasset chose to work with 5th year students from L’École de design’s Sustainable Cities Design Lab in the form of workshops on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 February. The students were therefore involved in designing the scenographic concept entitled "La Vie En Particules". Taking as her starting point an orange ballast bag, the designer guided the students through the different stages: from initial conception to end product.

The final result is a unique, experimental and portable system which gave the students involved the chance to grasp certain underlying themes of Matali Crasset’s work, including modularity and the appropriation of objects and spaces by the public.



Festival Assis! Debout ! Couché !
21 - 22 - 23 March 2014
at Le Lieu Unique (Quai Ferdinand-Favre), Nantes.

Pass 1 night : 15-22 € / Pass 3 nights : 27-48 €
Discount tickets for students from L’École de design (with student card).

Booking : 02 40 12 14 34
or on