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We are doers: Eco-Design and Solidarity in the Philippines

We are doers: Eco-Design and Solidarity in the Philippines

Étudiant en 4e année à L'École de design, Christophe Gouache est co-fondateur et trésorier de l'association We Are Doers, qui lance un projet d'éco-design solidaire aux Philippines. Premier épisode de cette initiative éthique et pédagogique...



Cogon-based structure (herb used for roofing in the Philippines)

"Sustainable, social, ethical and human-centered projects"

We are Doers is a Nantes-based association founded in May 2010 by students from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique aware of society issues and evolutions. They approach design as a social activity meant to elaborate and foster sustainable, social, ethical and human-centered projects.

Christophe Gouache, We Are Doers’ treasurer, has launched a test-project in the Philippines – in the Davao area – in collaboration with the Kids Worldwide association, a non-profit organization created in March 2003 by Kate Ericksen and Jay Lopena. Kids Worldwide’s main objective is to think up solutions to improve the life standards of children from disadvantaged backgrounds in no less than 17 developing countries.


Composter designed by We Are Doers (2010)

Eco-design and Participative Education

Architect Jay Lopena and Christophe Gouache worked in close collaboration with each other and came up with an array of "things to make": sun-powered ovens, composters and biogas digesters built from local raw materials (bamboo, anakan, palm trees, cogon, etc.). Their eco-design projects all stem from a strong will to carry out educational initiatives meant to spur participative and collective construction efforts. A team made up of kids and teenagers from neighboring orphanages and schools will soon be invited to come onboard this adventure, thereby acquiring knowledge they will then be able to use for their own purposes.

On the side, Christophe Gouache will also give drawing and art lessons to the orphans of Pag-Amoma and Field of Dreams.



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