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(VR)NE #3 : From the Earth to the Moon

(VR)NE #3 : From the Earth to the Moon

A virtual reality experience inspired by the work of Jules Verne for the Nantes Digital Week 2017.

Digital culture in all its forms can be found between 14th and 24th September 2017 at the fourth edition of the Nantes Digital Week, a week supported by all the most prominent players in Nantes’ digital ecosystem.

Poster of (VR)NE #3

How Impey Barbicane, Michel Ardan, le capitaine Nicholl, Diane and Satellite would travel From the Earth to the Moon in 2017!

Get ready to take off and travel From the Earth to the Moon within the space capsule and reach orbit Around the Moon!

The turbulent landing is expected in Le Lieu Magique, Nantes. Live a unique experience in virtual reality. The magic of Max Zargal will interact with this fantastic experience.

The project (VR)ne #3, put forward and supervised by Arnaud Le Roi for READi Design Lab, reflects a desire to showcase the projects developed by students of the MDes program User Experience Design/Design & Virtual Reality, in partnership with Le Lieu Magique and CLARTE.


Discover the video of VRNE #3 : From the Earth to the Moon

Direction: Arnaud Le Roi (Pedagogical Supervision)

LE LIEU MAGIQUE : Max & Claire Zargal : Magicians
CLARTE – Technology - Counseling, Research & Transfer: Guillaume Choquer : engineering

David Arenou : Project manager
Martin Cailleau : Development

Contribution: Postgraduate Students, Design & Virtual Reality
Maëva Azemar
Alice Bonneau
Gwénolé Coulomb-Pelfresne
Thomas Gauthier
Thomas Herbreteau
Elisa Lecomte
Emma Morin
Charles Perinet
Camille Peter
Théo Richard

Retail Design:
Marie-Agnès Revert: Course Leader
Undergraduate students Retail & Interior Design:
Noémi Grésillon
Cécile Tijou

Le Lieu Magique
25 quai François Mitterrand
44200 Nantes

From September 15th to September 24th 2017

Opening hours:

Friday 15th : 17h – 19h
Saturday 16th : 11h – 18h
Sunday 17th : 11h – 17h
Tuesday 19th : 11h – 17h (scheduled for schools, registration or +33 2 51 83 85 09)
Wednesday 20th : 11h – 17h
Frdiday 22nd : 14h – 21h
Saturday 23rd : 11h – 18h
Sunday 24th : 11h – 17h

Due to room capacity of the venue, there might be waiting time before boarding.