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VR4D: When Virtual Reality Serves Design

VR4D: When Virtual Reality Serves Design

Along with partner business cluster EMC2, L’École de design Nantes has been involved in designing an innovative tool to facilitate creating closed spaces since 2006...


Seen in Laval

During the international virtual reality fair Laval Virtual, from April 7 to 9, 2010, the designers of the VR4D project showcased the first version of the device. Eager of students from L’École de design presented the application non-stop during three days. Hundreds of virtual reality fiends could thus become acquainted with this outstanding technology.


Dans le SASCube de Clarté, à Laval Virtual 2010.

A 3D immersive system

Homologated by competitiveness cluster EMC2, the VR4D project was born out of a common reflection about immersive spaces jointly conducted by research, industry and higher education professionals.

Since 2009, CLARTÉ, a research and development center in Virtual Reality located in Laval (France) our Business Strategy Department and the École des Mines de Nantes have been co-developing a set of tools meant to facilitate design processes via virtual reality and immersive visualisation spaces.

VR4D is a device aiming to enhance the lay-out of small-sized living spaces (boat & truck cabins, RV’s, cockpits etc.). It has been applied to SASCube, an immersive space designed by CLARTÉ. Thanks to this real-time-design tool, designers, decision-makers, experts and technical workers can instantly step into virtual models of their own works-in–progress, a smart and efficient way to appraise and optimize its ergonomy.


VR4D - Virtual Reality for Design

This is a presentation of the first application of Virtual Reality for Designer.

It shows most of the tools developed by CLARTE:

-a new "point & turn" navigation

-The use of an iPod as an innovative immersive remote

-Fast and easy immersive fitting...

and so much more!!!

Clarté’s booth flooded with people at Laval Virtual 2010.

Launching successful

After the VR4D team tediously analyzed designer needs, the first version was tested, validated and presented by a team made of students and faculty from L’École de design and engineer from Clarté during Laval Virtual. As professionals and non professionals warmly welcomed the working prototype further encouraged the team in developing an operational version of the project.

This initiative was born from a collaboration between Clarté, l’école des Mines de Nantes, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and has a number of partners: Atelier Saint Victor, Mauric, Bénéteau Design Office, DCNS, Gruau, SIA, STX Europe. This project is financed by the regional authorities and by the Drire des Pays de la Loire (regional institution in charge with housing, city planning and environment).


Laurent Neyssensas,

Faculty / Interaction Design Trends Monitoring 

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