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“VR4D, a tool created to help manufacturers adapt to virtual reality”

“VR4D, a tool created to help manufacturers adapt to virtual reality”

What interest can manufacturers find in virtual reality? Jean-Louis Dautin, through the example of the VR4D collaborative project, explains the gradual adaptation process of industrial players to an innovative design tool based on virtual reality.

The initial ambition for CLARTE, leader of the VR4D project, was to bring together a large range of partners from the Loire Region around technological issues in order to conceive an innovative aid to the creation, design and spatial arrangement of limited spaces. Beyond the excellent application results already put to use by the various players of the project, VR4D has revealed the great potential of Virtual Reality for companies such as Bénéteau, STX Europe; GRUAU or BE MAURIC who, today, have fully adopted the tool.

VR4D is also a set of partners (large industrial groups, very small, small and medium-sized companies, research and teaching institutions) that have learnt to share their experimentations and expertise, and to appreciate the value of communication – in a word, to draw a real return on investments from their involvement in the project.

Creation, design and spatial arrangement of living quarters or technical premises are as much specialties that, thanks to VR4D, can now benefit from a particularly innovative approach. No doubt that the development of communal virtual reality platforms and of more and more affordable devices will allow an important spreading of this kind of new functionalities, and contribute to improve the efficiency of the companies using them.

Jean-Louis DAUTIN,
CLARTE Director and member of the national commission for the approval of technology transfer structures