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Video game cycle

Video game cycle

A video game cycle in Nantes between February and June 2018

A video games cycle has been organized by Stereolux’s Laboratoire Arts & TechnologiesAtlangames and L’École de design’s Game Design bachelor’s program. Between February and June 2018, the cycle tackles the theme of video games and, in particular, independent video games. It looks at how it is perceived by society of course, but also by the world of digital arts, with which the hybridizations are rich and fruitful. This cycle is structured around three complementary approaches.


The role and perception of video games in society

New forms, content and practices related to video games make them increasingly present in our daily lives. From free games on our smartphones to serious games in companies, not to mention games for therapeutic purposes, video games concern an ever wider and more diverse public. This part of the cycle aims to study the place of video games in our society in the broadest sense, and the developments in its perception by the general public but also by the world of research.
The cycle will begin on Thursday 22 February with the conference “All players? The role and perception of video games in society”.

Hybridization with the arts world, particularly digital arts

As a cultural and social object, the video game lends itself particularly well to interactions with other artistic practices, which can result in original, hybrid and sometimes critical works (gaming-oriented or otherwise). The aim of this part is on the one hand to examine these hybridizations by bringing in video game designers, digital artists, researchers or curators working on the borderline of these two environments, and on the other hand to encourage the emergence of projects combining artistic and gaming practices.

Independent video games

This part of the cycle seeks to study the perception of independent video games by the public – with the specific aim of imagining new ways of promoting independent video games - but also to describe the stakes of this sector now and in the future, both in technical terms (omnipresence of distribution hubs, new interfaces, etc.) and creatively speaking (new forms of storytelling, new uses, role of diversion, etc.)

For more information and a list of events for the Video Game cycle (in French)