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Two Master’s students win the prize for Enterprising Women

Two Master’s students win the prize for Enterprising Women

On 27 March 2014, the closing night and awards ceremony of the Entrepreneuriales took place at the Stéréolux in Nantes. At the outset, 55 teams from the Loire Valley; at the end, 6 winning teams.  Amongst the prizewinners, two 5th year students (Claire Chuniaud and Aurore Colasson) received the Enterprising Women prize for their project CARHA.

Les Entrepreneuriales
Les Entrepreneuriales
is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The program, backed by the Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique (a local support network for entrepreneurs), is a national training network to help people set up businesses, which is free for students, beyond the school walls.

Guided by action plans in the field, students put their projects to the test in the current economic reality. They found practical solutions for their projects through "learning by doing". As well as this program of field-based training, students benefit from 50 hours of personalized guidance to test their project.

Enterprising Women
5th year students Claire Chuniaud and Aurore Colasson, teamed up with Agathe Amouriq and Marie Brochard, Master’s students in Health and Biology at l’Université de Nantes, to create CARHA. The concept consists of a brand of attractive cosmetics with varied textures that are pleasant to use on a daily basis.

This project won them the prize for Enterprising Women. The prize is awarded to a team made up entirely of women and with an entrepreneurial spirit. It was awarded by the Pays de la Loire Region and the CRESS.

The project

CARHA is an exclusive cosmetics brand, aimed at a female clientele, tailored to the specific needs of each customer and distributed in a concept store. It is ultimately a premium brand, manufactured using high-quality and effective active ingredients like royal orchid and freshwater pearl powder. Each woman is unique and deserves a skincare product adapted to her skin, which is why the CARHA store makes up a tailor-made gift box including a base cream and 3 serums with active ingredients. The combination of active ingredients is selected following a skin diagnosis established thanks to a skin analysis kit and a questionnaire. Back at home, the client pours the contents of the 3 bottles of serum into the cream base and mixes it all together. If the client wishes to buy some more of her cream, she can reuse the glass pot by simply pouring in a new dose of base cream.

The team
Behind the project: Agathe Amouriq and Marie Brochard, Master’s students in Health and Biology at l’Université de Nantes. When they met at the Entrepreneuriales speed dating session, Aurore Colasson and Claire Chuniaud, in the 2nd year of their Master’s at L’École de design, immediately picked up on the project’s potential and joined the team. "We were given guidance by a sponsor (a company manager) and coach (a chartered accountant), as well as attending lessons on Thursday evenings. Our project grew thanks to our research and the people we met. We had to develop our original idea in order to meet the needs of our users after market studies. We also had to revise the concept to take into account legal constraints and adapt it to meet financial requirements. This project gave us the chance to ’wear many different hats’ and to understand the feasibility of concepts in order to come up with concrete solutions. We learnt how to work in a multi-disciplinary team and to adapt our respective vocabulary in order to understand each other. For us, the Entrepreneuriales is much more than taking part in a competition, it’s an exchange of knowledge!", explains Agathe Amouriq.

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