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MDes Design & entrepreneurship in Montreal in 2018

MDes Design & entrepreneurship in Montreal in 2018
After Shanghai, Delhi and São Paulo, the Montreal Studio will be L’École de design’s 4th international branch.

MDes Design & Entrepreneurship Montreal: A one-year immersive program in the accelerator at ÉTS in Montreal

In September 2018, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique will open the Montreal Studio (Quebec, Canada) in partnership with Centech, startup accelerator of l’École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), the top public engineering school in Montreal. The studio will pilot a new Master of Design (MDes) program based on a one-year immersion for design students in startups powered by the first French-speaking incubator in North America.

Planetarium Dow where the Centech will take place in 2018.

An international program focused on innovation and entrepreneurship

15 design students will join the program in September 2018, and the program is aimed at all profiles (interaction design, product design, interior design, graphic design, etc.). These students will then join one of the existing programs in Nantes for the 2nd year of their course and will prepare the Master’s Design degree under the same conditions as the other students. After this valuable experience working with Montreal-based startups, they will then come back to France where they will benefit from expertise and guidance to help them get their own business off the ground. A local coordinator is currently being recruited for the opening of this fourth international branch of L’École de design in North America.

Contact: Stéphane Gouret, Head of Studies