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The importance of internships for students and companies

The importance of internships for students and companies

A professional stepping stone for students

Throughout their studies, students are brought face to face with professional working reality during their internships.
Their first experience begins during the 3rd year of BDes program (with an 8-week work placement).
Then, during the 1st year of MDes program, they have the opportunity to experience a minimum of 13 weeks abroad (doing a work placement in a company or agency or studying abroad in a partner school).
Finally, to round off their Master’s program, the workforce preparation internship (16 to 24 weeks) can often lead to students finding their first job.
Internships provide an opportunity for learning, being confronted with the labor market, putting your knowledge to use and highlighting your professional skills. They are a determining factor in student orientation and in their future career. If we take the 2017 MDes graduates, we can see that over 48% of graduates were employed by the company in which they carried out their internship.

A platform for posting internship opportunities and finding the right student

To meet the needs of companies seeking interns and students looking for a placement, the school has put in place a Career center, a networking platform for connecting our students/apprentices/alumni with businesses. Jobteaser platform lets companies present themselves and their activities, advertise company career events, post internship opportunities or job offers and receive email alerts for offers and events.

In order to make it easier for students to enter the job market, L’École de design’s internship department organizes a series of key meetings with professionals on the lookout for fresh talent.

Workshops and practical cases to prepare for the recruitment process

To help students be more effective at internship/job-hunting and improve their interview skills, the internship department offers them various conferences and workshops:
-CV workshops
-workshops on interview techniques in the workplace (in French and English)
-improvisation workshops (“knowing yourself better to sell yourself better")
Designers with different professional statuses (in-house, agency and entrepreneurs) regurlarly share their experiences with us.


Sarah DEMERY et Soazic DUAULT
Internships & corporate relations coordinators