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The China Studio and the Sustainable cities Design Lab at a conference on “tomorrow’s city” in Shanghai

The China Studio and the Sustainable cities Design Lab at a conference on “tomorrow’s city” in Shanghai

The Shanghai Alliance française sets up a series of conferences on tomorrow’s city and invites specialists of the topic. L’École de design participation proved the importance of design for the city transformation.

Florent Orsoni’s presentation

On January 13, 2014 the first SHS Café (Humanities and Social Sciences), a series of conference on “tomorrow’s city” has been held at the Alliance française in Shanghai. It was organized by the Sino-European University of Technology Shanghai (UTSEUS), the China Studio of L’École de design and the Alliance française organisation. The conferences will continue throughout the year at a rate of once per month at the school of the Alliance française on Wuyi Lu.

For this 1st edition, 4 researchers from UTSEUS and China Studio have each talked about different topics. Bruno Bachimont (UTC / UTSEUS) made a presentation on "City and epistemology: why it is not only a scientific but also epistemological issue". Robin Roche (UTBM / UTSEUS), meanwhile, spoke on sustainable mobility in the modern city. His speech was followed by Robert Belot’s one (UTBM / UTSEUS) on the socio-cultural transition and urban dynamics in Shanghai. Finally, the Café SHS was concluded with a presentation by Florent Orsoni (Sustainable Cities Design Lab director at L’École de design) on how design transforms the city.

Attended by approximately 70 people, the first Café SHS addressed several themes emblematic of the city, particularly those relating to a new urban mobility respectful of the environment, those related to new social dynamics, the need to reintegrate pedestrians in urban areas, or simply the city definition.

The next Café SHS will be set up after the Chinese New Year. The date will be announced on the Consulate website. It will take the usual format of the speaker intervention, followed by a discussion with the audience.