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Portrait of Takumi Yamamoto

Portrait of Takumi Yamamoto

Interview of Takumi Yamamoto (English subtitles)

Takumi Yamamoto explains how he became a Car Designer

Originally from Japan, Takumi Yamamoto explains why and how he became an Automotive Designer.

From Tokyo to Coventry and finally Paris, Takumi tells us about his career path, his professional experiences at PSA and Sony Entertainement, and remembers the people who punctuated his professional life. Particularly, Alexandre Larnac, alumni 2016, whose project "Squamat" was recently exhibited at Global Grad Show in Dubai and Benjamin Walsh, Lecturer in Transport design at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

Takumi Yamamoto was in charge of the sketch and rough seminar in November 2017 at L’École de design, attended by the 2nd year Transportation Design Bachelor Program students.