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Summer Camp 2013: 4 schools, 4 days, a lot of proposals… and endless possibilities

Summer Camp 2013: 4 schools, 4 days, a lot of proposals… and endless possibilities

For the second year running, the Summer Camp for French design schools which ended on Friday 6th September 2013 in the heart of the Quartier de la création on l’Île de Nantes was a resounding success.

This 4-day unprecedented event was organized in conjunction with the brand new Regional Platform for Innovation (PRI) Design’in and hosted in their new premises. The event saw final-year designers from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, l’ESAD St Etienne, l’ENSCI and Strate College projecting themselves into 2025 to imagine what the designers of tomorrow will be like. The students came up with an image of the designer that went far beyond what today’s design schools and players envisage and teach.

With an open yet tangible theme, "Creative recovery - session 2: Hinterland", the professional designers supervizing the schools (Amaury Poudray, David L’Hôte and Nathalie Ciprian) enlivened this workshop with visits, encounters and risk-taking exercises. The program was punctuated with interactions with different types of designers, institutions, businesses, territorial and international agencies, while giving the new generation an opportunity to speak with one voice. Even coming from 4 very different schools, there was an instant chemistry within the group and it was impossible to split them up!

The rapid prototypes of scenarios were put to the test immediately on Day 3 on participants from the ID Summit. After refining and modelling, the prototypes took the form of a scalable mapping system concentrating various ecosystems which hosted the profiles of tomorrow’s designers.

Represented by the participants in the form of personas, profiles of designers and their related territories will be tested again in vivo beginning this autumn. In fact, these "designers of designers" have made this working session into the start of a long process of multi-disciplinary reflection which they hope to see continued in the long term.

To immortalize the experience, a video records the spirit of competition which made this regional event possible and opened up these issues to other schools and professionals from the design field.

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