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Stop Motion Seminar: From real volume to virtual volume

Stop Motion Seminar: From real volume to virtual volume

2nd year students in interaction design got to grips with stop motion animation during the Stop Motion seminar held between 17th and 21st December 2012. This intensive week taught students about 3D set design, and developed their narrative, technical and creative skills, in preparation for 3D modeling and the creation of digital immersive environments.

The aim of this seminar, run by designers Briac Lepretre and André Audoux, was to initiate interaction design students in traditional modeling and animation techniques for a stop motion film. The students had to work on creating volume, lighting, composition and cinematic storytelling before specializing in the design of 3D digital worlds.

In groups of four, the students thought up a short sketch lasting a few minutes with a setting and a character made from simple materials such as Styrodur, plasticine, filler and paint. They experimented with creating texture to give the illusion of material, just as they use Photoshop in computer graphics to add texture to their 3D models.

On the agenda for this seminar: creativity, humor and technical expertise made for a very lively week.

Florent MICHEL,
Course leader for interaction design Years 2 & 3