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Spatial design: a seminar to initiate students in scenography

Spatial design: a seminar to initiate students in scenography

From 23rd to 27th April 2012, 3rd year spatial design students were introduced to the different tools and basic concepts of scenography in a seminar run by Philippe Le Duc, set designer and Nathalie Gallard, lighting specialist.

An example of students’scenography

Faced with the task of designing the layout for an exhibition dedicated to "Scott and Amundsen: Conquering the South Pole", they had to decide how best to recreate the experience for the visitor: the snow and ice, the sheer expanse, the cold, the determination to succeed and the context of the time. They also had to incorporate photographs, archive images and artefacts and pay particular attention to the décor and music.

An example of students’ scenography

The exhibition was intended to be a real means of communication, not just a reproduction of photographic images. The challenge was to highlight not only the exploit and the legend, but also the humanity of the protagonists. Less directly, it was also supposed to consider the question of the "exploit" in today’s context.

With Nathalie Gallard, the students learnt about lighting techniques and solutions, and how to use light as a narrative tool within the exhibition. As for the set design, the visibility or camouflage of the set, safety considerations and so on, the students benefited from the experience and advice of Philippe Le Duc.

It was an intense and rewarding week which culminated in the production of scale models, plans and visuals, giving students a real understanding and awareness of the importance of scenography in design.

Lydie Morand, Course leader for spatial design (Undergraduate studies)