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São Paulo Design weekend

São Paulo Design weekend
The 9082 km collective ©Benjamin Gagneux

9082 kilometers

9082 kilometers is the distance covered by 10 students on their journey from France to come and live out a new experience here in São Paulo, Brazil. 10 design students came to turn their dream of adventure into a reality, on the theme of Transcultural Design. The collective 9082 kilometers is made up of Élise Bunouf, Chloé Cassabé, Juliette d’Arche, Adèle Darcet, Savina de Chasseval, Léa Drougard, Quentin Fourage, Bérénice Freydier, Timothé Gourdin and Colombe Gourgeon. The 10 students come from various courses ranging from graphic design, industrial and scenography to interior design. Regardless of their studies, they all had the same desire to produce work that reflected their respective perceptions, sensitivities and visions.

São Paulo Design weekend

Launched in 2012, the design weekend exhibits many artists over 5 days in São Paulo, impacting over 100,000 design professionals and design followers in 130 sites around the city.

To consult the design weekend program (in Portuguese):


The exhibition venue, Cremme ©Savina de Chasseval

The 10 MDes students from the Brazil Studio will exhibit their projects - personal creations influenced by their experience in Brazil. The art work will be on show from 29 August to 2 September 2018 during the São Paulo design weekend. This initiative is an opportunity to share and showcase their work.

Their course leader, Benjamin Gagneux, will present L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and the Brazil Studio at 3 conferences during the São Paulo design weekend.

Silkscreen printing cards by Adèle Darcet
Collage by Savina de Chasseval
’Café gourmand’ by Élise Bunouf
Drawings São Paulo by Léa Drougard
Crochet by Chloé Cassabé
Juliette d’Arche’s project will be exhibited until 2nd September at Cremme, São Paulo.