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Research Journal: CADI Goes Blog

Research Journal: CADI Goes Blog

CADI, our research journal, is now available online! This new blog is a collection of contributions by in-house and external writers – articles, essays and interviews – that give an insight into our research activities...

"Investigating and documenting design as it is practiced"

In 2008, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique released a bilingual (French-English) publication dedicated to promoting research in design through articles and other documents by in-house and oustide writers.

The first issue was published in January 2008 and centered on the topic of "experience design." Then 2 special issues dealing with the topic of “Knowledge Transfer” were released in 2008 and 2009. These numbers were the first step of an investigation/documentation about design projects and related disciplines and professions.

Flexible format, wider readership

CADI keeps on contributing to research in design in the shape of a blog. This new tool will smooth out the publication flow since all new articles and documents will be readily available as soon as they are produced. They will then be grouped by themes.

CADI still strives to add up to the ongoing debates that underlie research in design by producing theoretical contributions as well as by casting a new light on the many aspects of design as a practice.

“Knowledge Transfer(s)”: design seen through the lens of other disciplines

Our investigation/documentation about Knowledge Transfer(s) based on interviews with experts and leading lights who supervise our fifth-year students in their final degree projects. This initiative is a way to build up a corpus of testimonies that will serve as a grid for interpreting and understanding the modes of collaboration and representation at play in the field of innovation and creation with regards to the economic, cultural and environmental issues inherent in the world of today.


Please visit the new CADI blog. Enjoy your reading!

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