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Putting the magic back into everyday furniture

Putting the magic back into everyday furniture

Un exercice de design mobilier pour les 3e années cycle bachelor design industriel

In the pure tradition of product design, students worked together in groups of 4 to dream up an item of furniture for the home or office environment.

After approaching the project from a sociological standpoint with Frédérique Letourneux, they developed a new range of furniture for 2020 on one of the two themes under the pedagogical leadership of Arnaud Balduc and supervised by Bertrand Letourneur and Jean-Yves Guillet.

The study included benchmarking, drawings, technical plans, a feasibility study and a model.
A one-minute video was made for each project which can be viewed at the exhibition.

Let’s take a closer look at the projects:


105° is a small unit designed and adapted for open plan offices. It fits perfectly under your desk and gives you the privacy and peace you need for meetings.
Its striking angles and ease of use will let you hold meetings comfortably and effortlessly. It provides everything you need to turn a meeting into a successful and enjoyable experience! Always within reach but never in the way, 105° brings together everything you need for a meeting, whether it’s planned or not:

an overhead projector
a felt projection screen
electric sockets
storage spaces for your documents
and even a coffee-maker and croissants!

Students: Justine Suteau, Louise Robert, Pauline Bernard and Julie Bigot



The lighting solution which breathes. The aim of this project is to detect and alleviate noise pollution in your living room.
Fitted with a sound sensor, an electronic card, a motor and pulleys, it unfolds according to the intensity of the noise thus revealing its faceted and insulating fabric.
It serves to heighten people’s awareness of the noises they produce and to reduce their range. It is an aesthetic and educational object for the very young and the not so young.

Students: Elise Huneau, Célia Ferrer, Pauline Dilosquer and Amélie Galcera



A cordless lamp which conducts light from the outside to the inside! With its mirrors and LEDs, it will illuminate you by day and by night!
Ulexit – a connected piece of furniture. It’s a household lamp which lets you capture and direct natural daylight and use the stored energy at night.
The mirrors redirect the rays of light and deliver the electrical power harvested by the solar panels. Ulexit’s users can control the opening of the blades remotely and switch on the lamp as they wish using a mobile application which can be downloaded free of charge. It also allows you to choose the color, intensity and duration of the light.

Students: Claire Dugast, Arthur Godet, Neha Hassanbay and Morgane Thomas



The smart family calendar. Situated at the heart of your home, WOODY could soon become indispensable for every family.
Combined with a mobile application, it synchronizes the daily timetables of each member of the family to give a clear overview of everyone’s activities.
You can consult, add or modify events. The timetables for the current day and days to come can be consulted by lightly touching the discs.
The highlighted zones correspond to the different time slots of a full day and show whether a person is busy. The different colors represent the nature of the absence (work, appointments, activities, etc.) Both children and parents can use it to communicate easily with one another and this connected base also lets you keep in touch by leaving voicemail messages.

Students: Perrine Bader, Clément Lemière, Aurélia Maurin and Pauline Jouitteau



The reversible office table Switch lets you partition or open up your work space and eating space thanks to its reversible design.
The product has two storage solutions on each side of the central panel for you to tidy your equipment.
Pens and magnets can be popped into the denim pockets; plates and coffee machine are on the other side ready for your breaks. Power outlets are provided so that you can plug in your coffee machine and charge your iPad. In addition, for impromptu brainstorming meetings, the board has a magnetic part for holding papers or for sliding documents into the elastic retaining bands. The asymmetry of the support structures serves to differentiate between work and relaxation.

Students: Marion Fouré, Camille Renard, Mathilde Pointeau and Clémence Pujo



A wall to talk to. An innovative concept which gives you privacy in an open space environment
Its structure lets users create their own private spaces, so that you can have quiet meetings away from the constant noise and bustle of open plan offices.
Although it looks imposing, the screen wraps around the column taking up practically no space at all.
“Chut!” is much more than just a piece of furniture, it’s a sanctuary. The microphones which are connected to the tablet by Bluetooth let you record and digitize meetings instantly – no more tedious note-taking, just speak freely.

Students: Charlotte De Rafelis, Alice Delsenne, Nicolas Boda and Paul Burgos



A lamp for meetings. Place it on the table and Uccello - a red cable, an energy source – becomes the focal point.
Its sleek and airy lines set the tone. A ray of light gradually appears.
Twelve flaps move up and down in a kind of dance or choreography. It provides the necessary visual comfort for taking notes.

Students: Constance Chambaud, Estelle Muller, Antoine Dehillerin and Claire Brélivet



The new way of holding meetings. Sezam is a functional, compact and easy to use furniture unit for meetings. Made out of 3-ply pine, it fits perfectly into a professional context. Sezam can be leant against the wall to save space while still serving numerous functions.
Its two revolving tablets offer a large work surface allowing up to 5 people to have a discussion, either standing up or seated. The stools are easily accessible and are stabilized by simply swiveling their feet.
The unit houses a short-throw video projector that projects information on the wall upon which Sezam is leant. Finally, you can also use it to charge all your electronic devices thanks to its many easily accessible sockets.

Students: Morgane Boulet, Elliot Mouchère, Charlotte Quesnel and Laurila Buratti



The personal assistant Alau lets you phone comfortably and conveniently in your own home.
Whether it’s for an unexpected or planned phone call, it affords you privacy and comfort. You no longer need to go into another room to answer the telephone – it blocks out noise and creates a private zone without having to isolate yourself. Alau is a mobile which blends into your home and creates an intimate place for private conversations. The object adapts to fit the user’s head and the sitting position can also be adjusted thanks to a jack system. It is equipped with loud-speakers, a Bluetooth connection and a docking station for a digital tablet especially for videoconferencing.

Students: Emilie Béthune, Margot Lenorais, Jocelin Verga and Coline Hercouët