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Discover the Arts, Design & Media preparatory class

Discover the Arts, Design & Media preparatory class

One year in France to prepare for graduate studies in design and improve your French

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique offers a one-year program to discover the tools and techniques of representation and to learn about the project approach in design, in order to prepare for your entry into the major French schools of art, design and media.

In this cultural immersion class taught in French, you will explore the specificities of contemporary creation in France with a curriculum dedicated to general culture, modes of expression and technical culture.

Through various workshops, you will discover the diversity of design professions: space design, graphic design, interactive design and industrial design.

Specially tailored for French-speaking students with a baccalaureate or equivalent, this program also offers personalized assistance in preparing for the entrance exams of French-speaking schools, via the national Parcoursup procedure or directly with the schools concerned, including a portfolio workshop.

French-speaking international students are taught French as a foreign language in order to reach a B2 level, the level required to enter a first year of higher education in France.


"A one-year program of in the heart of Nantes, a city with a rich and abundant cultural life. It is an enriching experience in the meeting of different cultures and skills, in an environment that is conducive to the development of general culture and technical skills. Multiculturalism is a unique resource for building a personal training project."

- Mathilde Perrault, Head of Arts, Design & Media: preparatory program -

Webconference in French Thursday 14, April at 1:00 pm

avec Mathilde Perrault
Head of the Arts, Design & Media: preparatory program




hosted by Anne-Charlotte Coupin,
Student Recruitment Manager