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Postcard from internships in Amsterdam

Postcard from internships in Amsterdam

The final internship

In the last year of their MDes, all students must carry out a crucial internship to prepare them for joining the workforce.
For 6 months they are confronted with their future working environment. To ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, the internship and business strategy coordinators have regular meetings with the training supervisors, and some of those meetings take place abroad.
That’s how Sarah Démery, internship coordinator, found herself heading off in early July 2018 to meet 8 student interns in Amsterdam. The chance to discover the agencies and to monitor the students’ professional development.

Pre-integration and practical application of knowledge in the field

For this final internship before graduation, interns are treated as real junior designers in the company. Although monitored by a training supervisor, they must be capable of completing a project from A to Z (from the design brief to its production) thereby demonstrating their ability to manage a design project. A decisive step in launching their professional career. For this internship, students are free to choose the company and country.
Amsterdam generally attracts students due to its liveliness and creativity. This year, 8 students chose Amsterdam in 6 different organizations.

In July 2018, Sarah Démery, internship and business strategy coordinator, had the chance to visit:
FutureBrand UX: a multidisciplinary design agency specialized in strategic design solutions hosted Aurélie Amossé, in 2nd year of Mdes Mutations of the Built Environment. She gained valuable experience working on projects in architecture, retail and hospitality design.

Hiber: a startup specialized in LPWAN (The Low Power Global Area Network) hosted Nolwen Le Ternuec in 2nd year of Mdes Information Design. She worked on the launch of a global internet connection network via two satellites launched in 2018.

Space&Matter: an agency specialized in architecture, urban planning and concept development hosted Réjane Le Gall in 2nd year of Mdes Urban Design. By working on urban planning projects and new concepts of housing, she increased her technical skills working on plans but also her graphic design skills.

MediaMonks team with their monitor

INDG: an agency combining computer generated images and interactive technologies to create new experiences, hosted Alexis Réthière in 2nd year of MDes Tangible UX Design. He was able to test interactive experiences for Web, mobile, video and TV and created web banners for advertising purposes for brands like Philipps, Heineken or Yamaha.

Studio MFD: an interior design firm hosted Delphine Martin, a 2nd year MDes student in Transcultural Design / China Studio. She worked on interior design projects for hotels and private residences and also took part in branding projects for Dutch brands.

Mediamonks in Hilversum: a creative digital production agency producing websites, games and films, hosted 3 students, Adrien Milcent and Aurélien Lutton (both in 2nd year of MDes Tangible UX Design) and Alexandre Gellard (in 2nd year of MDes Transcultural Design / China Studio). All three were responsible for projects in UI/UX design.