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Post-graduate degree in design – Class of 2014 results

Post-graduate degree in design – Class of 2014 results
Graduated students from Oscar Niemeyer Class

Students from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique Class of 2014 (aka the Oscar Niemeyer Class) reported in September (single degrees) and November (double degrees) for their final oral defence before an audience of professionals, hoping to ratify their 5-year course of study.

And so no less than 151 students appeared before their peers (116 designers and professionals) on September 10th and 11th and November 6th, 2014, in Nantes and Shanghai (the latter for those students who took their master’s program in China). For the record, 18 out of the 179 students who had signed up for the Master2 cycle were unable to attend the last oral defence session for they had not validated their final year (dropped out, failed to do a training period or to validate their end-of-course project).

Ultimately, the juries awarded 5 students the distinction of summa con laude and they distributed a range of honours: 14 ‘mention très bien’, 53 ‘mention bien’ and 51 ‘mention assez bien’. Additionally, 8 of them are also graduates of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers ParisTech Angers (Master’s degree in Engineering Research into Virtual Reality and Innovation), and 8 others hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Institut d’Economie et de Management (IEMN/IAE) at Nantes University.

Chaired by Polytech’Nantes Engineering School Director René Legal, the boards of examiners were thus given to acknowledge a talented Class of 2014, which had succeeded in demonstrating professionalism and a good understanding of its strict methodology. However, the 37 laureates still need to acquire a 750 score in the TOEIC test, which they have one year to complete, for full validation of their diploma.

The graduation ceremony took place on Friday December 12th, 2014 at La Fleuriaye, Carquefou, under the sponsorship of Patrick Jouin.

Stéphane Gouret
Director of Studies