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Portrait of Yuxiang Li, 3rd year student in BDes Interaction Design

Portrait of Yuxiang Li, 3rd year student in BDes Interaction Design

Since his childhood, Yuxiang Li has always wanted to be a designer as for him, a designer is someone who creates innovation and changes the world. He is passionate about improving our way of life. Let’s meet this 24-year old Chinese student.

Yuxiang LI

Tell me about your training.

I studied space design for 4 years at the university of foreign languages in Dalian, a modern city situated in the southern tip of the province of Liaoning.

At the age of 22, before entering the job market, I wanted to develop my skills. L’École de design Nantes Atlantique seemed to offer the best training programs. There are many partnerships between China and Nantes.

I joined the school in the second year of the Interaction Design Bachelor’s degree program. I am now in the third year and in September I intend to join the Human Machine Master’s degree, on an apprenticeship program.

Why did you choose L’École de design? What are its strengths?

The school’s biggest strength is its hands-on approach. We carry out collective projects with the school’s partners. It’s really important to listen to their needs and expectations for our future career. We can discuss things with them and learn about how they work.

I also like the school’s positive working atmosphere. The students help each other and are motivated. For example, if I have difficulty understanding, my classmates explain things to me with patience and methodology. We have coworking spaces and a digital workshop at our disposal… We have everything we need to succeed!

And I find the teaching excellent too. I’ve discovered a whole new design methodology here.

What have you achieved during your studies at L’École de design?

Thanks to L’École de design, I’ve carried out many projects, workshops and met a lot of great people – be it students, teachers or clients. I’ve worked on some very different projects in terms of subject matter and duration. It’s very instructive.

My two-month internship at Kiwatch last year made a big impression on me. It’s a security solutions company with surveillance cameras via internet. I played the role of UI/UX designer and redesigned their application and customer area. My mission was to incorporate UX/UI methodologies into projects and improve their interface. It’s a great start to my professional life! I took advantage of this internship to work on a really wide variety of subjects; video games, fishing, nature, etc. In fact, I’m currently working on a project for an application called IFish to increase the number of visitors.

Joining L’École de design Nantes Atlantique 2nd year of a Bachelor’s program

Like Yuxiang, you can join the 2rd year of a bachelor’s program at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique. Registration is open until 30 June 2020.