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Portrait of Jean Perinet, student at L’École de design after a 2-year Graphic Design vocational diploma

Portrait of Jean Perinet, student at L’École de design after a 2-year Graphic Design vocational diploma

Passionate about image, Jean Perinet likes creating innovative visual concepts. This is what encouraged him to take up design. Let’s meet this 21-year old student.

Tell me about your training.

I began my design studies at Les Trois Rivières high school in Pontchâteau where I obtained my vocational baccalaureate in arts and crafts. These three years taught me about design thinking and gave me the opportunity to do a two-month internship at Opixido, an agency specialized in communication for museums.

I then got a place at the Gobelins on a 2-year work-study course in Graphic Design (with a major in digital communication and media). There I learnt to intellectualize the research approach in a graphic design project. And in September 2018, keen to hone and develop my knowledge, I joined L’École de design in the 3rd year Bachelor’s International Class, majoring in Digital Media Design. I am now in the first year of the Human Machine Design Master’s program.

Why did you choose L’École de design? What are its strengths?

Firstly, I’d already heard of L’École de design because of its reputation. And then, at the age of 19, after five years of studying design (3 years in high school and 2 years vocational diploma), I wanted to join a school with global reach, while at the same time continuing to have a general approach to design.

So, for example, in the 3rd year International Class Bachelor’s program, I studied video mapping, interface creation and interactive installations. I didn’t have to choose between these different topics. I think it’s a very positive thing not to specialize at such a young age, and therefore to have a multi-faceted approach to digital.

Another advantage is that the international side is very strong in the school and it’s a real bonus to be able to work with students from all over the world (China, Sweden, Canada, etc.) The school has managed to build a great international network.

In addition, I appreciate the quality of the teaching staff who are always ready to listen; they have an interesting methodological approach and very comprehensive professional experience.

Finally, we are fortunate to have a digital workshop with a lot of tools at our disposal. We are therefore able to experiment, discover and develop our skills on specific software or new technologies. It’s a real plus point. In fact, I spent a lot of time in there for my Bachelor’s project on the science fiction book “Dune”. There, I was able to make the most of technical profiles and precious tools. This enabled me to create a virtual application for each place in the book.

What have you achieved during your studies at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique?

During my two years of study at L’École de design, I’ve taken part in many projects and workshops with different timeframes (1 week, 3 months, 6 months, 2 years) and themes.

What I find really rewarding is that the school mixes up all the Master’s students for some of these events. So that gives us a multidisciplinary approach to projects. For example, at the moment, we’re working on a project in partnership with the Kube collective and the Natural History Museum in Nantes. The aim? To create musical instruments adapted to teenagers with physical disabilities.

I also took part in the Wordskills France competition in the Graphic Art and pre-press categories. It was interesting to challenge myself and find out how good I was. Competition is a great motivator!

Joining L’École de design Nantes Atlantique after a 2-year vocational diploma

Like Jean, you can join the 3rd year of a bachelor’s program at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique after an HND or other 2-year vocational diploma. Registration is open until 30 June 2020.