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Lumiscaphe’s Patchwork 3D at L’École de design

Lumiscaphe’s Patchwork 3D at L’École de design

L’École de design has opted to train its students in the most innovative software solutions in the field of digital aspect mock-ups (DAM) and photorealistic real-time 3D rendering. Students in product design and transport design are taught how to use Lumiscaphe’s Patchwork 3D software specialized in real-time 3D rendering.

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has been part of the Lumi’School program from day one. Lumiscaphe formed a close partnership with our school in the course of 2014. This partnership quickly went from strength to strength and from September 2015 Lumiscaphe’s authoring tools were incorporated into the curriculum of the new Transport Design option. Today, all bachelor students on the Product Design and Transport Design courses are trained to use this tool.

“It’s a priority for us to give our students the opportunity to work with industry-standard software,” explains Arnaud Balduc. “Lumiscaphe has gained a certain reputation in the transport industry for the excellent quality of its solutions in real-time rendering.”

Earlier in the year, at the open days organized by the school, Lumiscaphe provided an immersive solution and a support service which allowed students to exhibit some of their product designs. zSpace proved to be a great attraction for visitors and gave them a better understanding of the importance of design studies in modern product conception.

“The partnership with L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is an important part of our policy for education,” adds Yann Rambaud, Marketing Manager for Lumiscaphe. “We support L’École de design by providing Student licenses, and the director of our studio gives classes at the school in Nantes several times a year.”

Lumi’School, the program dedicated to education, aims not only to facilitate partners’ access to technology, but also helps teachers and lecturers discover the latest developments in real time rendering software.