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Workshop: Accessibility and design for all on Reunion Island

// 09/12/2012

Afterthoughts on the implementation of an “accessibility” workshop at the Sustainable City Center of Design and Innovation alongside the Reunion Island CAUE.

Spatial design

Spatial design: a seminar to initiate students in scenography

// 08/27/2012

From 23rd to 27th April 2012, 3rd year spatial design students were introduced to the different tools and basic concepts of scenography in a seminar run by Philippe Le Duc and Nathalie Gallard.

L'enseignement en cycle master

Master’s programs seminars and workshops

// 06/04/2012

Each Master’s program offers seminars and workshops for students to gain knowledge in the specific field of their chosen subject.

Paul Vickers

Packaging workshop: Organic cosmetics with Paul Vickers

// 02/27/2012

Paul Vickers is back at L’École de design to share his knowledge with our students and lead a workshop on organic packaging and luxury cosmetics with Nathalie Templier.

Qingdao: “Hyperconnectivity 3.0” Workshop with HAIER

// 10/04/2010

From April 26 to 30, 2010 34 students from the Master’s program Cross-cultural Design showed their designer/manager creativity and know-how during a workshop on user experience jointly run with a ...

Redesigning Radios the Ulm Way

// 06/09/2010

During a specific product design seminar 2nd-year students talentedly thought up radio sets in tune with the Ulm school spirit…

Stop Motion Workshop: an Animated Week!

// 04/21/2010

From December 14 to 18, 2009, 2nd year interaction design students were introduced to stop-motion animation during a seminar that called upon narrative, technical and creative skills

A Productive Video Seminar for 2nd-year Students

// 03/16/2010

In October 2009, our 2nd-year students were introduced to video-making by 4 guest film-makers and editors who backed them up in elaborating a full video magazine…

Graphic Design Workshop: Getting Visual with A. Le Quernec

// 03/16/2010

From January 11 to 15, 2010 the 2nd-year students in graphic design took part in a workshop conducted by French poster designer Alain Le Quernec and Nathalie Templier (Course Leader for Graphic ...