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Biennal event Saint Etienne 2017

The school takes part in the 2017 International Design Biennial in Saint-Étienne

// 04/03/2017

Exhibition of work by Care and Digital Culture students at the Saint-Étienne International Design Biennial from March 27 to April 2 2017 on the theme of “Reconnect” – well-balanced work.

Naoki Kita

A warm welcome to Naoki Kita

// 02/20/2017

Naoki Kita, a doctoral student in “Computer Graphics” in the laboratory of Professor Miyata at the Japan Advanced Institute of Technology in Kanazawa has joined the READi Design Lab for 10 months.

Tour LU (x) Exhibition, October 1st to October 6th 2016

Tour LU (x) Exhibition, October 1st to October 6th 2016

// 10/04/2016

Students on the UX Design/Tangible Interfaces Master’s course exhibit their proposals to rethink the experience for visitors exploring the tower of the former factory…

(VR)NE #2 Project

(VR)ne #2: Around the World in Eight Minutes

// 09/22/2016

How Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout would take up the challenge today to travel around the world in 8 minutes! An event that took place within the Nantes Digital Week 2016 at PRI Design’in.

Public presentation of the work produced by the DU DESSiiN students’ first year

// 04/03/2015

On February 26, students from the first class of the 2014-2015 DU DESSiiN program (Design of Innovative Interactive Services: Communicating Objects & Tangible Interfaces) presented their work to the ...

Benoit Ferrandon - Département de Loire Atlantique

Service design: “The public sector constitutes a promising outlet for designers”

// 03/13/2015

Interview with Benoît Ferrandon, head of innovation for the Loire-Atlantique département and apprenticeship manager, to coincide with the publication of the joint work Design de service public en ...

The Design Labs at the Ateliers de la Recherche en Design (ARD) 2014

// 03/13/2015

Examining the place and role of designers in an environment where the term “design” is much overused.

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique - Banque Populaire Atlantique - Lippi

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique signs the first chair for innovation through design

// 08/20/2014

Launch of the Banque Populaire Atlantique/LIPPI Chair on Connected Environments at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique


Research by design

// 11/29/2013

The agreement for a Chair for the department of innovative services development in an era of information technology is in the process of being signed.