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Design at Castorama: Elise VALLÉE, Damien URVOY and Arthur BRAULT - Alumni 2008 and 2010

// 02/26/2016

Elise VALLÉE, Damien URVOY and Arthur BRAULT (Alumni 2008 and 2010), designers for Castorama (Kingfisher Group): “Being able to anticipate and find the best compromises for incorporating constraints”

Yang Bai, alumnus 2009, design & diversity

// 02/03/2016

Video interview of Yang Bai, alumnus 2009, now senior industrial designer at Oxylane.

Claire Cherruault

Impacts #5 - Claire Cherruault, alumni 1999

// 01/21/2016

Looking at our graduates careers. Interview with Claire Cherruault, alumni 1999: “What’s important is to give things a boost, to inject new ideas”

Impacts #5 - Interview with Sarah Blondé, alumni 2003

// 10/16/2015

Interview with Sarah Blondé, alumni 2003, designer for happ’Id

Yearbook 2013-2015

Yearbook 2013-2015, a summary of activities

// 09/29/2015

The Yearbook 2013-2015 has been published. Discover what has occured at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique over the past 2 years.

noelline demeillers

Noelline Demeilliers – a born enthusiast

// 08/24/2015

Designing in Belgium, France, India, Russia and England… Being mobile is a state of mind!

A.J. Kimbembé + N. Raad

Nadim Raad & Andrews-Junior Kimbembé, UX Designers at Google

// 01/23/2015

During a prospective workshop in Nantes with students studying the Digital Culture master’s program, double interview with our two graduates on their Californian experience with the Mountain View ...