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Packaging workshop: Organic cosmetics with Paul Vickers

Packaging workshop: Organic cosmetics with Paul Vickers

Paul Vickers is back at L’École de design to share his knowledge with our students and lead a workshop on organic packaging and luxury cosmetics with Nathalie Templier.

The 5th element by C. Degennes, C. Fourier et L. Botherel

Each year, the internationally renowned designer, Paul Vickers, comes to L’École de design to work with our graphic designers in a workshop lead by Nathalie Templier, course leader in the graphic design undergraduate program. This year, they asked the students to work on the organic and the luxury cosmetics. Our 3rd year graphic design students had to create a packaging for these products respecting the organic charter (no hot stamping, recycled materials). At the end, organic luxury seems less to challenge the organic than to redefine luxury as more ethical, more sustainable and less ostentatious.

Paul Vickers

Paul has almost 20 years experience as a creative director, consultant and designer working with some of the world’s leading branding and design agencies. 
His professional track record includes: Pentagram London, Design Solution Paris, Interbrand New York, Desgrippes Gobe Tokyo and Hong Kong, Dragon Rouge Paris.

Paul has won numerous design awards and his work is published in magazines, books and on the web. He won a Gold Award in the Pentawards - international packaging design awards and is featured in Taschen’s Package Design Book. 
Paul also lectures on Visual Communications at several Schools of Design and leads professional continuing education workshops for the design industry. 
 He writes on branding design issues, is an international correspondent for Brand New and is currently working on a book about design in Japan.