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Our business strategy department helps you enhance your know-how in design

Our business strategy department helps you enhance your know-how in design

L’École de design rallied all its business relation activities under the banner of the Business Strategy Department. Here’s an overview of the department’s new organization, skills and duties.


The Business Strategy Department has 2 main goals:

1) Enabling students to acquire hands-on design skills by being involved in real-life projects.

2) Supporting and guiding companies eager to improve their know-how in design.

Our department boasts an almost 9 person-team that covers the whole spectrum of business partnerships likely to be signed between our institution and industrial partners:

- internships
- work-based curriculums (vocational training in Spatial Design, Product Design, Wood Building Systems for Housing & Construction, vocational Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Program in Design Management & Innovation)
- prospective studies
- continuing education
- job offers
- design-related events.

Our all-inclusive team was founded in order to meet the school’s educational/teaching requirements but above all to weave strong and long-lasting ties with our partner companies while helping them improve their design skills and become familiar with the notion of know-how in design.


3 main issues pertaining to know-how in design:

How to act with design?

The aim is for companies to handle their collaborations in a more effective way:
- knowing how to purchase an agency’s services,
- knowing when to call upon an agency,
- building a shared language to ensure smooth communication.

How to manage design?

Companies who resort to design on a regular basis might feel like optimizing this practice:
- outlining a main objective,
- defining guidelines for in-house organization,
- implementing specific modes of collaboration.

How to develop a design-grounded strategy?

Some companies use design as a driving force that triggers innovation and anticipates major market shifts. These companies might endeavor to delineate the action of design within a specific framework:
- defining a management strategy,
- building an art direction strategy,
- anticipating and adapting to market shifts.

Our department aims to offer multifaceted solutions which combine work-based learning, continuing education, internships, projects… with a view to building up a true design culture fit to face the great challenges posed by the companies’ increasing will to innovate and stand out.

As we have noticed over the years, long-lasting and well-adapted relationships are the key to building a true common culture in a few months or years, thereby giving life to new design departments or quality relationships between companies and design agencies.

Our Business Strategy Department has thus become the ideal partner for companies willing to develop their activities through ongoing innovation.

Jean-Luc Barassard, Head of the Business Strategy Department.

Notre volonté est d’offrir des solutions combinant l’apprentissage, la formation continue, les stages, les projets… afin de développer une culture design en mesure de répondre aux grands enjeux de différenciation ou d’innovation que les entreprises souhaitent entreprendre.

Nous constatons régulièrement que la relation durable et adaptée a permis de construire une culture au bout de quelques mois ou années, donnant lieu à la mise en place d’un service design ou d’une relation forte avec des agences.

Le service Stratégie Entreprises devient donc un partenaire pour le développement de l’entreprise en quête d’innovation constante.

Jean-Luc Barassard, directeur du service Stratégie entreprises.