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Open data

Open data

Digital content is a tremendous thing in its raw state, but it only really takes shape when fashioned by statistical then graphic processing. The job of the designer is to come up with new kinds of representation, by creating different combinations of shapes, colors and positions in space; to imagine new ways of interacting with this data to ensure a better understanding of a phenomenon. The aim is to offer innovative services in line with a reality which is described and commented on more and more accurately each day...


L’École de design and the READi laboratory have been supporting the Pays de la Loire region’s initiative to make data accessible to the public (Open Data) since 2012. Various projects have won prizes, for example at the 1st applications competition organized by Nantes Métropole and the City of Nantes after opening up its data (Nantes Open Data). Three projects entered by former or present students received an award.

Students regularly take part in "hackathon"-type events, where the goal is to develop data games into real services. For example, the "Impulse" project by Arnaud Perrillat and Mathias Mouchard proposes an original way of discovering the local area using open data related to public transport modes, green spaces, cultural sites, etc. Each "impulse" on the interface icon-button randomly generates a destination not more than 30min from the user’s location.

More recently, together with the association Libertic, READi helped to organize a creative session on setting up a "datalab" in the Pays de la Loire region. The idea was to help promote the economic and social value of data and the “open” culture.

The various proposals were presented at l’Hôtel de Région on 19th December 2013

DataLab presentation - © Laurent Neyssensas

Grégoire Cliquet
READi Design Lab Director
Digital culture master program teaching director

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