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New Vocational Training in Retail, Exhibition & Stage Design

New Vocational Training in Retail, Exhibition & Stage Design

Here is a comprehensive overview of the professions for which the soon-to-be-open vocational training in Communication Design (Spaces & Volumes) will train students...

It is often thought that "Communication Design" is mostly concerned with graphic communication. In fact it encompasses a large number of other media and supports. What was formerly called BTS Expression visuelle, espaces de communication (vocational training in Visual Expression, Exhibition / Spatial Design) has now become the BTS design de communication, espaces et volumes (vocational training in Communication Design (Spaces & Volumes). This new label offers a more accurate description of the wide variety of fields to which Communication Design can be applied.

"Evolutiss" Antoine Gassion

Communication Designers essentially work in three specific areas :

short-term volumes and products such as packaging, point-of-purchase advertising and communication,
short-term spaces such as exhibition stands, cultural or commercial temporary exhibition design and event-driven design. And, last but not least,
long-lasting communication spaces such as showrooms or information spaces.

These three different approaches to spatial design are all driven by a straightforward common objective : that of conveying a message to a well-defined targeted audience. They aim to inspire, trigger desires and emotions, to spur people and pass on messages by artfully implementing the strategic thought process and marketing objectives advocated by companies, institutions or professionals in the field of culture.

More than mere “consumer goods,” spatial designers endeavor to come up with communicating volumes and spaces.

Doing so requires an ability to listen to and analyze what is going on in the world around you, an ability to spot and identify relevant signs and trends, a familiarity with brands and an innovative spirit, complemented with a decent general knowledge and knowledge of the arts. Quick-wittedness and willingness to open up to international markets are also significant assets in this field.

This training course leads to a wide and eclectic range of job opportunities. After graduating from this training program young designers can for instance be employed as in-house designers by :
• advertising companies,
• communication agencies,
• global design agencies,
• design studies,
• point-of-purchase manufacturers,
• exhibition and event-driven design agencies
• establish themselves as free-lance designers.

Though the local market is ripe with job offers, young graduates often find themselves working in collaboration with or within huge European and international megalopolises. The Asian market - and especially China - is a land of milk and honey for spatial designers, be they experienced or not.

"Second Skin" Young-Ju KIM, Marie-Pier GUILMAIN - Partenariat Impress

By setting up this training program our school is taking a fundamental and strategic stance. Indeed an institution like ours must strive to anticipate the ongoing social evolutions and stay attuned to the ever-mutating local economic landscapes. We are beginning to harvest the fruit borne by our will to look ahead and confront with different design practices, the collaborations we have been maintaining for years with companies - be they regional and international. Companies willing to boost their brand image and develop their products and activities tend to resort to design as a whole, but such development also requires taking communication design into consideration.

Prior to launching this new vocational training course we have joined in partnership with a number of companies in the fields of packaging and event-driven communications. For two years in a row students from L’École de design have successfully designed and assembled an exhibition mandated by the agence pour la Valorisation de l’Industrie de l’Ameublement (a French agency dedicated to promoting the furniture-manufacturing industry). We intend to further and foster this kind of initiatives in the soon-opening new vocational training course in Communication Design (spaces & volumes).

It should also be mentioned that L’École de design will be the only institution to deliver this specific training course in Northwestern France.

Patrick Chesneau
Spatial Designer
Studies Coordinator for the vocational training course in Communication Design (spaces & volumes)