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New MDes programs in September 2019

New MDes programs in September 2019

In September 2019, the school will offer 5 new MDes programs (postgraduate studies) specifically tailored for students from all over the world holding a Bachelor’s Degree in design or equivalent who wish to join the school directly at master level.

These programs, taught in English, lead to the master’s level degree (Diplôme de design) certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education. They are based on the expertise of the school and represent the educational component of our innovation and design centers (Design Labs) dedicated to research by design on themes related to social, technological and economic changes today.

MDes Environmental Design

The MDes Environmental Design program, attached to the Sustainable Cities Design Lab, explores simultaneously the evolution of our built environment and the urban transformations in a context of rapid change, with the requirements of a sustainable, accessible and smart city, conceived in a spirit of universal co-design (design for all), fully integrated.


MDes Food Design & Brand

The MDes Food Design & Brand program, attached to the New Eating Habits Design Lab, offers a multidisciplinary approach of innovation for the food industry, through design oriented towards the users, the uses, the representations and the branding.


MDes Information Design

The MDes Information Design program, related to the Media design programs, focuses on the real story. In this period of information transformation how to tell the real and make the truth tangible through the visualization of data.


MDes Social Design

The MDes Social Design, attached to the Care Design Lab, aims to provide creative, innovative and sustainable solutions to contemporary social issues.


MDes UX Design

The MDes UX Design, attached to the Human Machine Design Lab, focuses on interactions between humans and machines in the digital world, and more precisely on the quality of the user experience.


A specific organization for students who join the school at master level

The purpose of these programs is for students to apply their skills as a designer through project management and the use of methodological tools, in a logic of production to propose solutions related to the theme of the program.
The specific organization over 2 years (4 semesters) was designed to allow a better integration of students, and a good adaptation to the design methodology as taught in school.

During this two-year course, students will also have the opportunity to do a semester abroad, either on an internship in a company or as an exchange student in one of our partner schools.

Finally, they will develop a personal end-of-studies project, in connection with the subject of the program in which they are enrolled, before graduating under the same conditions as our students from our undergraduate studies.

These programs in Nantes, come in addition to our MDes Transcultural Design taught within our studios : Brazil StudioChina Studio & India Studio.

For more information on these programs, do not hesitate to contact us: