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New Eating Habits: Nantes Salad, identity, local products and innovation

New Eating Habits: Nantes Salad, identity, local products and innovation

The aim of the Nantes Salad project is to get designers from the New Eating Habits Design Lab thinking about the complex relationships between authenticity, creativity, locally-grown products, know-how, atmosphere, history and design…

The “Clockwork Salad”, a project by Alice Conquand and Eléonore Samier

The choice of locally-produced culinary specialities in Nantes is particularly rich and varied: lambs lettuce, leeks, carrots, cakes, curé nantais (a local cheese), mûroise (a blackberry and raspberry hybrid), sweets, wine... At the same time, the city’s identity is undergoing a real creative transformation. With this in mind, students were asked to come up with a food product that embodied the identity of Nantes; the product had to incorporate a new take on one or more local specialities, be highly contextualized and presented in an original way. The project’s use of local distribution channels was also taken into consideration: restaurants, caterers, businesses or special promotional events for the city.

Seven teams of students embarked upon a week of observation, experimentation, drawings and tests, and a clear concept emerged: the gourmet salad. Their culinary experiments endeavored to combine the products and to rethink their presentation.

The different projects will be presented at the Serbotel trade fair for catering and hospitality from 20-23 October 2013 at the Parc des expositions in Nantes. Several partnerships are currently under way in order to turn the ideas and concepts developed into reality.

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