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3 new Bachelor’s degree courses in the field of digital design from September 2017

3 new Bachelor’s degree courses in the field of digital design from September 2017
“Around the World in Eight Minutes”: a project in immersive virtual reality based on Jules Verne’s novels and carried out by Master’s students in UX Design/Virtual Reality and Design

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique will be offering three new Bachelor’s degree courses in the field of digital design from September 2017, with two programs taught in French (motion design and game design) as well as an option in Digital Media Design taught in English for the International Class.

These specialisations, which up to now were included in seminars and projects covered in undergraduate programs graphic design and interaction design, will from now on be addressed in greater detail in dedicated programs.

3rd year International Class Digital Media Design option

The International Class, 3rd year bachelor’s program taught in English, will also offer a Digital Media Design option aimed at French and international students who have done courses in digital or graphic design fields (Graphic design, communication and digital media - 2-year vocational degree , interaction design, etc.)
The Digital Media Design option aims to design services for the field of digital media (web, interactive terminals, video, animation, computer graphics) by taking a user-based approach.


Motion Design Bachelor program

This two-year design specialisation (2nd and 3rd year of cycle bachelor) covers the basics of moving image communication such as 2D/3D animation, editing and post-production and information visualization, which requires a sound graphic culture.

Motion design combines images, texts and sounds and uses all kinds of media: video for the web, television, multimedia display, mobile applications, etc.

Le Voyage à Nantes 2016 en Motion Design from lecolededesign on Vimeo.

Students in their first year of the BTS (2-year vocational diploma) in Graphic Design with a major in digital communication and media tried out Motion Design. Consequently, E.Boissinot, C.Ferré, M.Messadia and W.Hubert worked on the Voyage à Nantes event (Nantes Take the Journey).

Game Design Bachelor program

Game design is an activity involving the design and production of gaming experiences on digital media, on and off line, which will also be offered as a two-year design specialization (2nd and 3rd year of Undergraduate studies).

The game designer designs the gameplay, 3D modelling, level design, character design and programming. These skills serve in the field of video gaming, but also for design mobile applications, serious games or any other kind of gaming interface.

“Eyegon”, a video game designed for the timed competition event at Laval Virtual 2016T. Lautrédou, S.Lecomte, C.Perinet, T.Richard

3e année Classe internationale option Digital Media Design

These new training programs will be presented at Salon des métiers du numérique (French content), on 22nd September in Nantes as part of Nantes Digital Week (French content).

You can see videos of many of our students’ creations in these fields on galerie de projets or our channels Vimeo and YouTube.

Applications for all our courses will be open from 2nd November 2016.